Asset Management Solutions

Delta Data Asset Management Solutions provide transparency and simplify the relationship between asset managers and the firms that distribute their funds.

Here is what you can expect:

Shortened timeframes for fee management process, allowing for resource reallocation

Reduction in manual processes, reducing risk and enhancing efficiency

Ability to evaluate counterparty relationships quantitatively and qualitatively

A centralized portal to support workflow for all counterparty interactions

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Gain More Visibility Into What Your Distribution Partners Are Doing

Fee Management

Verify accurate fee payments by comparing contractually based fee calculations against distribution partners’ invoices


Automate the monitoring and analytics for complete 22c-2 sub-account, and omnibus fund policy trade monitoring

Intermediary Oversight

Manage intermediary relationships with integrated reporting and a centralized portal to support the workflow for all counterparty interactions such as CRM, contract management, analytics, documents, relationships, due diligence, annual reviews and more


Transparency Data

More than half of the top recordkeepers, bank trusts, and broker-dealers use Delta Data solutions to facilitate their distribution activities.

Preferred Vendor with NSCC

Approved to systematically receive activity and position-level transparency data straight from distribution partners

Automated Process to Receive & Load Data

Data made available throughout Delta Data solutions, providing the transparency asset managers need for efficient intermediary oversight

6 of the Top 10
Asset Managers
Use Delta Data to
Monitor and Manage their Intermediary Relationships

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Since we onboarded Fee Manager, invoice processing time has plummeted by at least 70%. This time savings has allowed our associates to be more analysts than data entry personnel. We also observed a reduction in paper waste and a decrease in expenses for materials. We look forward to pulling our board reporting exhibits data from Deal Manager. This function will save our team from additional manual processing time and create more accurate and timely reporting.

Director, Fund Operations, Thornburg Management

Our fee processing was 6-8 weeks before Delta Data Fee Management now it’s down to 2 weeks

Director, Intermediary Services
Private & Independent Asset Management Firm